Saturday, August 28, 2010


Just so yall know I'm gonna be posting weekly up in this bitch, just to keep you updated on what I'm into, what I stumble upon (literally try that shit) and what's going on, leave comments, add me I'll add you. Git git and peace out homies

Friday, August 27, 2010

Soulja Boiiii

All black everything

Everything in my life is hard, it's tough being a black teenager in an oppressive white neighborhood, but I keep it real dawg, straight thuggin' it till I die. Me and my friends chill at the mall just hangin out, shouting at the hotties, you know, we do our thang. From time to time I'll get lonely, that's when I'll play my Wii or dance some, you know. My sister is turning 13 next week, gonna get her something nice, she deserves it. I got a dog named corkey, he's a shitzu but he'll sick you like I taught him to foo. My dad died out when I was 3, it was a unicycling accident while traversing a tight rope across the towers of Dubai, he was a gangster all the way. I dream that one day I'll go to clown school just like my dad, and graduate Magna cum laud with my doctorates degree. Just like my dad. My mom stays at home, to tell you the truth she's got a drug addiction, hardcore into the syrup you know, it's bad. Right now I'm working at the Wally World down the street, graveyard shifts is how I roll, it's dangerous at night in there, but I can handle it. I like rap music, no other way around it, bitches be wet when I'm ridin' down the street bumpin' it. So yea that's me for now, I'll see you guys next week, Git git homies and peace out.